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Safety Demos

Electric Safety is Job One

"I didn't see the power line up there." or "I thought the power was off."


Comments like these are often heard after an electrical contact accident. Electrical energy is an essential part of our lives and the power lines that deliver it have become an accepted and familiar part of our surroundings. As a result, people aren't always aware of the hazards that can be present. That's why High Plains Power offers electric safety demonstrations to various community, business and school groups throughout its' service area.


"Providing proper electrical safety information and developing an awareness of hazardous situations is our goal in offering these demonstrations," said Rich Lobdell. "We demonstrate the effects of an electrical contact, and our message is reinforced when you actually see and hear a 7200-volt arc." Lobdell added.


High Plains offers two types of high voltage safety demonstrations:

  • a tabletop model for school classrooms or youth groups
  • a full sized trailer for larger groups or outside presentations

If your group is interested in scheduling a safety demonstration, give us a call at 1-800-445-0613 or 307-856-9426.




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