September 18, 2014

Phone: 307-856-9426

High Plains Power

High Plains Power

report an outage


Report outages immediately by calling (307) 856-9426 or 1-800-445-0613. Prompt reporting of outages will help us isolate the problem that has caused the outage and restore your power more quickly.

  • Before you call, check your fuses or circuit breakers, including those on the meter pole, to see if they've blown or tripped. If they have, the problem may be within your own wiring and you will need to correct the problem in your system.
  • Check with a neighbor to see if they are out of power too. That will help us to determine the extent of the problem.
  • Call your local High Plains Power office or the numbers listed above. During office hours your call is handled locally. After normal office hours you'll get our dispatch service and they'll send one of our crews to restore your power.
When you Call:
  1. Give us your name, address, phone number and location number as listed on your bill.
  2. Tell us when the outage started.
  3. Tell us if you know your neighbors are out of power.
  4. If you see the cause of the outage, describe it when you call.
  5. After you call, unplug sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, satellite receivers and TV's until normal power is restored.

Your calls to report outages or repeated blinks are very important.

Please call High Plains to report any problems along our lines that need attention; damaged poles, broken insulators, or trees growing in the lines. They help our crews to locate the problem and make necessary repairs.




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