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News from the High Plains Power
Board Meeting held October 24, 2003


  Approved 63 new member applications and 21 new contacts.
  Approve capital credit refunds in the amount of $3,572,79 to deceased member estates.
  Office Manager, Ozzie Smith reviewed the Financial and Statistical Report for the period ending September 2003.
  Manager, Dave McDonald reported and discussed administrative issues including resolutions to be approved by the board to adopt the 125 Plan which would allow the employees to participate in the plan.
  Engineering Manager, Jim Kirsch discussed a number of ongoing activities in his department including the work plan, the Worland North Substation status and replacing relays in the Wind River Substation.
  Operations Manager, A.J. Bauer, reported on the outside operations of the cooperative.
  Administrative Assistant, Marlene Morss discussed that Manager McDonald participated in a CWC career fair in October. She will be participating in a career fair that will be held at Wyoming Indian High School in November.
  Hub Thompson, President of the Tri-State G&T Board of Directors, reported on the activities of the Tri-State G & T board..
  Bob Cardwell reported on attending the Wyoming Rural Electric Association (WREA) budget workshop in Casper.
  Policies 404, 406 and 407 were reviewed and reenacted.
  The 2004 budget will be reviewed by the budget review committee on November 24th.
  The next board meeting will be November 25, 2003.



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